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Do you understand Virgo men?

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I don't. I am a libra.It's a bit strange but all the men i've liked were mostly virgos and they just have this very very cold way.I mean they're not mean or anything just I don't know ...I think expressionless.Like one day we're really into each other then the next day..boom!!he I don't know..not completely just ..he keeps a distance and i feel his eyes just observing me and it's so annoying.ANd i've seen this happen with more than one virgo men.sighI get so afraid i actually find out if a guy is a virgo or not and if he is i stay the hell away from him.Anyways,sometimes I think he doesn't like me or they don't.But as soon as i move on with my life,they start ..i don't know putting these subtle tantrums??Post really stupid status updates on FB that refers to hating the stuff that i love??Like ut of the blue!They do it in a way where you can't really say it upfront..they'd be like "I don't know what your talking about",goddamnit but I's like they have good memory and they know it hurts my feelings.Anyways yeah..Just wondered how to get a virgo men to just get to the point?Yes or No.Like I gotta move on ya know.