Should guys wear foundation?

Answer #1

Guys should wear absolutely whatever they want to.

Answer #2

Sure! Why not? I have a few guy friends that wear foundation on a daily basis. Do what feels right to you. If wearing foundation makes you feel more confident or comfortable, go for it. It’s your face, your body.

Answer #3

yay :D

Answer #4

i dont think so, but anybody can do whatever they want i guess.

Answer #5

it is not unusual for guys to wear makeup, they may bee just trying to impress someone, or cover up their acne, or they may be uncomfortable with their complection its not a big deal (:

Answer #6

No lol. I personally think makeup is for girls.

Answer #7

;D thanks

Answer #8

sexist bitch !

Answer #9

make up is for anyone who wants to wear it. gender roles don’t really matter, as far as I am concerned.

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