What does it mean if the guy I like wears Valcom ? What is Valcom?

This guy I like has a picture with a shirt that says Valcom , what is valcom ? Like what stereo-type wears it ?

Answer #1

Volcom is a poser skater brand a real skate brand is like RVCA and matix.there more expensive too.

Answer #2

Its a brand and well I guess skater? they sell a lot of snowboaridng, skatboarding thigns, oh and surfing

Answer #3

its a skater brand. very hot.

lol, girl if you like this guy get with the program.

Answer #4

Um well first off its spelled Volcom. Its a clothing line/skateboards type thing. Um usualy skaters or punk wear there stuff. but lots of other people do to. so it depends on his style. but most skater/punk

Answer #5

if you mean vOlcom, then skater guys. if your looking to buy something for a guy that wears volcom, look in zumiez or pac sun or something

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