Wearing spandex is that ok for a guy?

Hey I am a guy and I am into wearing spandex for the fun of it do you think that wearing spandex to like hooters is ok I have the body for it??

Answer #1

If you like it go or it I wouldnt personally like it.

Answer #2

whatever floats your boat man.

Answer #3

let me know what day you r going so I won’t be there.

Answer #4

Well it might freak out some people but hey if you like it, go for it!

Answer #5

Yes I think it ok to wear spandex , heck I wear them. Just put shorts over them so nothing shows

Answer #6

ya just liek they said :)

Answer #7

Its honestly up to you. As long as you feel good and confident, then go for it. No need to impress others, someone who is confident is the best a woman could ask for.

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