Why do guy's wear(boxer's, short's and pants) at tha same time?

Why do guy’s wear boxer’s than short’s and then pants all at tha same time, why can’t they wear either boxer’s and pants or short’s and pant or just wear pant’s why does it have to be all three and I know some guy’s don’t wear all three but most does and want to know why?

Answer #1

Only black dudes do that Not true.

As for the question… I don’t understand that at all, I can see why someone would do that if they’re in school and have gym class because it just makes it easier sometimes but some people actually walk around like that, seems dumb to me.

Answer #2

same reason as why girls wear them… because they can… or because they want to look bigger =S dunno really

Answer #3

actualy white guys do it too because I know some guys that do.

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