if a guy wears a pink tshirt that mean that is gay or not.

if a guy wears a pink tshirt that means is gay or not no offense its just curiosity.

Answer #1

no, genereally there considered metrosexual guys who “take care of themselves”, like there heigine and that but no, wearing a colour doesnt autimaticalluy turn or make a guy gay gay is a sexual preferance not a colour

Answer #2


Answer #3

no, guys can wear watever colour we want and it doesnt mean we are gay

Answer #4

No, just because a guy wears pink does not make him gay.

Answer #5

pink is like the new black for guys. dunno why it just is

Answer #6

No that’s a pimp color. That and purple

Answer #7

No not at all. The color of your shirt has nothing to do with your orientation so wear whatever you want.

Answer #8

Of course not.

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