When is a good time to have another baby?

I have a 1 year old daughter. But Iwant another baby in a couple of years I want to know how long should I wait. because I really want a boy I always wanted a boy. I want a kid with my boyfriend. He is my baby daddy of my first kid but I want another baby with. L

et me know how long should I wait?

Answer #1

My kids (girl 5, boy 4) are exactly to the day, a year and half apart. Let me tell you what you’re in store for. They argue contently,,,

When is it a good time,,, financially, relationship, housing, security are most likely your best options to consider.

Answer #2

Lol mikeh.

I would say when you feel that you can go through another pregnancy and have the means to support a child.

Answer #3

When you feel emotionally, physically and finacially ready. Dont you dont need to be married to have kids.

Answer #4

ummm lets see AFTER YOUR MARIIED! see how the first one goes first. get married. then have at it.

Answer #5

I Think You Should Get Married First, And Then Have Anthoer Baby

Answer #6

‘When is a good time to have another baby?’

When you’re in the delivery room. Hey-ohhh!!

Play me off, Johnny.

Answer #7

well it depends how close you want your kids 2 b maybe 2 or 3 years apart

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