How can I go to the doctor's without my mom knowing?

I want to make an appointment at my pediatrician and I’m 13 without my mom knowing about it and I have to find a way to get there without her knowing. Does anyone know if the doctors would call my mom and tell her or anything like that. Or do you know how much a cab would cost traveling a little over 7 miles?

Answer #1

if your 16 or over you can go on your own

Answer #2

I’m only 13 but I don’t think they can tell my mom due to doctor patient confidentiality. Or at least that’s what I was told.

Answer #3

if ur 16 u dont need a parent, but if ur younger, maybe u can ask an aunt if u trust her, or older cousins , or maybe even ur best friends mom if u can trust her .

Answer #4

you have to be at least 16. but are you okay?

Answer #5

Uhgg looks like I’m gonna have to tell someone about my eating disorder if I want to get treatment. (that’s why I wanted to see my doctor)

Answer #6

well why cant you tell your mom?

Answer #7

Im not really ready to tell her.

Answer #8

I think you should ik it’s going to be proble the hardest thing to tell her. But you need help and that’s what a parents there for.

Answer #9

You can drive and tell the doctor why you do not want to tell your mother and ask for doctor patient confidentiality.

Answer #10

She’s 13

Answer #11

Doctor patient confidentiality does not extend to minors except under certain situations. In general, eating disorders in 13 year olds do not meet criteria. Regardless, your doctor is only going to be able to direct you to get help. You’re going to have to eventually tell your parents if you really want help.

Answer #12

yeah im going to tell my mom within a month. And i know that they will only be able to direct me to help.

Answer #13

well i was gonna tell her eventually. within a month i promised myself.

Answer #14

At my school we have a clinic for sexual needs lol like if u need a pregnacy test or hiv test , soo u can go there if ur school has one or if its not for that reason then u can go into a walk in clinic ur self with ur health card…. wait if ur from the usa i dunno if ur medical system works like ours…. so i dunno

Answer #15

I don’t think its possible to go by yourself when your so young. I noticed you said you had a eating disorder. The best thing to do is get help right away. Keeping it from your parents isnt the smartest idea. I understand though that you arent ready to tell your parents. Just talk to someone your close to, and maybe they can help you. Try going to your school nurse. I hope this helps! (:

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