Why is it ok if girls hit guys, but not the opposite?

this girl at my school punched my friend in the face, and all he could do was hold her wrists to stop her from doing it again. his nose is swollen so its not like girsl are too weak to hurt guys. i guess some are, but not all. and i mean, i dont hit girls or anything. but d@mn, if a guy has enough respect not to hit a girl, then a girl shouldnt even feel crazy enough to hit a guy…..and we can get in trouble for even defending ourselves..

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It’s not okay for girls to hit guys. That’s the thing. What she did was no better than of he had hit her, in my opinion.

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It’s not right either way, a girl should never hit a guy just as a guy should never hit a girl. I dont like how your portraying the majority of women as weak though. I was a professional fighter and beat the crap out of a LOT of guys in competition, me being a girl didn’t make me any less of an opponent.

Answer #4

I don’t think it’s right in any way but for some reason, they get away with it!

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no actually i said “its not like girls are too weak to hurt guys..” so how am i making it seem like the majority of women are weak..?

Answer #6

i guess its just to let them have there moment? idk… doesn’t bother me.

Answer #7

“i guess some are, but not all.” There are weak guys, too, although you don’t take time to expound on that, despite the fact that it’s equally irrelevant.

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Hitting another person is never “right” regardless of gender. I get alot of sh!t for saying this but as a woman if you hit a man or punch him first, dont get upset when he hits you back. You cant expect a person to not hit back just because your a girl. Being a girl is not an excuse to hit someone and i get sick of seeing girls act like it it. You hit a guy - you deserve to be hit back. Period.

Answer #9

oh ok……………so its not like girls are too weak to hurt guys. i guess some are but not all…… oh also, some guys are too weak to hurt a girl to.

are you happy now?

Answer #10

if i were a guy, and some psycho chick was comin after me i wouldnt just stand there and let her beat me. if she like slapped me, i wouldnt jump her and start to beat the crap out of her. just like if a five year old jumped me and started beating me, id hit back. just depends on the situation, has nothing to do with gender

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No, because you’re still saying that some girls AREN’T “too weak” while some guys ARE “too weak,” when, really, some people are “too weak” and some aren’t, and it’s possible there’s significantly more “too weak” girls than guys, but that’s too vague to bring numbers into in the first place.

But the important thing here is that yes, if you’re going to bring it up, you have to mention both sides, or it just reiterates, for no particular reason, a random gender stereotype. Which is inherently bad, and I don’t think I’ll argue that here :p

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It’s not right if girls hit guys, just as it’s not right if guys hit girls. I don’t know why girls get away with it, but if some girl went up to me and punched me in the face I would punch her right f*cking back.

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so lets say if some girl does come up to u and punches u, but she has a good reason? like u stole her bf, or stole something. u would just punch slam her one without knowing why she punched u?

Answer #15

that was worded weirdly, sorry.

Answer #16

LAWL that gave me a funny mental image >.< Actually, if it hurt enough I’d probably just burst into tears. I would probably be like “What the f*ck??” first (if I wasn’t crying), but I can assure you that I hardly ever give people a reason to punch me, so I highly doubt she’d be doing it for a good reason

Answer #17

aw how sad. the part about u crying. i would probably be like wtf, but my rule is dont let them hit u more than two times, than u can fight back with ruthlessness :)

Answer #18

It drives me crazy when girls do that and think it’s okay. Technically speaking, it’s never okay to hit anyone regardless of whether or not provocation occurred. This rule applies for both genders, in all cases.

I’d charge her for assault. She’d think twice before doing it again.

Answer #19

I am going to have to agree here, there’s an unwritten social rule that says it is fine for women to hit. Probably because women are seen as being physically less strong and they arent going to do much damage. Obviously not always true. I dunno. I will occasionally playful smack my friend’s arm. But I know he’d never ever hit me back. It is what it is.

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