Why do guys just *love* lifting us girls up?

I don’t like getting picked up or carried.. I feel like I’m going to break their back or something lol.. But my boyfriend always tries or wants to… how come? Is that just me, or do guys do that to you girls too? :)

Answer #1

lol i love this. the guy always wants to pick up his girl, but if he does, she gets mad and skwirms XD but i always liked picking up my ex just because she was small and i could. I guess its just because we like to and we want to make you girls feel speacial :) but just once, you should let him. he’ll love it

Answer #2

lol some girls like but some don’t (obviously). but it helps our confidence and kinda gives us the impression that we are strong and masculant. We think its a way to show that we are able to impress you ladies by displaying how strong we are. Primative, but we can’t help it lol

Answer #3

lol i just did it because it was fun XD

Answer #4

My boyfriend always lifts me up haha I think it makes them feel manly or something.

Answer #5

cuz we wanted to pick up a hot chick. thats how u do it right?

Answer #6

i like it. well i liked when my guy would lift me up and spin me around, like a hug & lift. but some girls dont like it.

Answer #7

i would never pick a girl up… she would have to pick me up and a call me sir

Answer #8

Guys are visual beasts, maybe some blokes get turn off seeing a flashy naked buttock. How cheeky are they.

Answer #9

oops turn on

Answer #10

yea I do it to my gf everytime she doesn’t suspect that :D She hates it - I love it. Simple :) Generally the smaller the girl is, the more it teases the guy to lift her up or spin around in a hug, it’s just another expression of love ;)

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