What do you think about "taylor" is it a girl or guy name?

im a guy named taylor and I’ve never meet another guy with that name what do you think a girl or guy name?

Answer #1

Mom and dad must have wanted a girl

Answer #2

Taylor is a girl or guy name it doesnt really matter I have seven guy friends named taylor and two friends that are girls named taylor so it really doesnt matter

Answer #3

can be both I think a girls name is better though

Answer #4

hi talor,im jason,im come from China,about you question,I wanna say,I’ve knew a guy from NBA league,he named talor,Dont warry about it,come on,name just a mark to us,it’s no big dealV_V

Answer #5

both but id name a dude it more cause girls named taylors can be mean

Answer #6

Well, Taylor Lautner is pretty famous… I think it is one of those names that sound great whether its on a girl or a boy!

Answer #7

OK, I’m not a native english speaker.

But I think you people have plenty of first names that don’t sound male or female at all. Americans often use places’ names for their kids. Like people named Paris, Orlando, Harvard. And some names sound like I’d expect a family name to sound. Like Dylan, Preston and the like. I think Taylor is one of those. It’s somehow neutral.

bye the sheep

Answer #8

I have a friend who’s a guy names taylor!

Answer #9


Answer #10

I’ve met guys named Taylor…it’s one of those names that work for both genders.

Answer #11

my best friends boyfriends name was taylor I like it. she calls him silly nick names like taytay and tattertot its actually kinda hott

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