who: can girls say 'no homo' to?

caauze I’ve only heard guyz say it. like after sayin sumthin like ‘he hit me reallly hard last night!.. no homo’ but can girls say that? if you aint bi or lesbian? like ‘girl, you got me right in the spot’ or sumthin like that. because im wonderin if it would sound weird if a girl sayz it. anyone? tanx

Answer #1

Just say ‘no lesbo’ instead. Like you know how guys say ‘do it, you wont. No balls.’? Well, me and my female friends say ‘No ovaries.’ ahaha

Answer #2

I saaay that a looot. (:

Answer #3

I have only hear girls say it… LOL but yes girl can say it too…

Answer #4

People who say no homo are idiots. :)

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