Guys or Girls, who is smarter?

who is smarter? I think girls are smarter in advanced stuff, and guys are smarter in common knowledge. im talking about average people,

Answer #1

I’ve heard Girl’s brains are slightly different than guy’s brain. (They said girls are able to remember thing more vividly than men’s)

But everyone has different learning abilitys. Like some people are better at math than others even when they both try equally the same.

Answer #2

uhmm?? I agree with above^^ no gender is smarter than the other (: we were made equal & will die equal no gender is smarter than the other (: hope I helped!

Answer #3

its impossible to say either because everyone is different no one girl or guy is the same or thinks the same

this question is a bit odd. no one gender is smarter than the other.

Answer #4

girls go 2 colledge 2 get more knowledge boys go 2 jupiter 2 get more stupiteRR lol JK JK I don’t think it has 2 do with if your girl or boy anyone can be smart if they try =]

Answer #5

lmao people, its an opinion question not a factual one, im just wondering what people THINK gosh calm down!

Answer #6

im going with amandagalik’s answer on this one.

kind of an immature question though…not trying to be rude.

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