Would my parents find out about the abortion?

If I’m pregnant and get an abortion will my parents find out? (I’m 14)

Answer #1

thank you elizaabeth your great help..

Answer #2

Yes you can…you just have to have someone over 18 go with you.

Whatever you decide to do make sure it’s the right decision for you. And don’t listen to all the negative comments, there will be people everywhere who don’t agree with you. Make this decision for you and you only.

Good luck:)

Answer #3

umm I would tell my parents … because you r young and the can help you out you know …

Answer #4

Well, all I can say is good luck and hopefully things will turn out the way you want them to.

You should know that there is only a small chance that you would be pregnant since you haven’t had sex…

Answer #5

ok thankyou

Answer #6

Alright.. Thank you a lot.. It all helps :D x

Answer #7

It depends on what state you live in…some states (at Planned Parenthood) only require you to have someone over 18 with you while other states are required to tell your parents.

Answer #8

well to be honest, I don’t know what I would do with myself if it happened to me. Does the father know? If so and you are still on good terms with him, I say you should ask him for advice too. Since its his baby, he needs to take responsibility too. Um, honestly, I think you need to tell someone. But I wish you good luck :]

Answer #9

The health issues you would have to talk to a doctor about. But abortions are performed all the time with NO complications…so don’t worry about that.

Answer #10

Look I didn’t have sex.. + I dont know if im pregnant yet.. I’ve only missed a period + my breast are feeling tender.. noo I feel out with the guy.. + he doesnt know..

Answer #11

you know for her being so young yes she can have COMPLICATIONS!!! her body is not fully matured, read up on your shitt.and sweetheart you need to think about both of yall. and im not being negative and mean, It is your choice.

Answer #12

first off you should tell someone best friend, someone, doesn’t have to be your parents (you should though). b/c if you did get rid of it , it can cause health issues? question is did you take a test and did it come out postive?

Answer #13

lets stop saying get rid of it. its a baby and your consdiering abortion! you know a babys herat beats 4 to 8 weeks. you know you made a decision to have sex, and now I think you should go through with it. adoption would be a better thought. You can pick a family have a open adoption. adoption is so mcuh more opening these days. I know this b/c I have placed my baby with a family and I am seeing him grow every day bigger and bigger, we spent our first christmas with each other, I see these wonderful people giving him what I couldn’t, but he will always know I am his biological mother.

I would help you through this. hunny I know how you feel its scarey. I wasn’t so young as you but I know you need some one right now.

Answer #14

me and my boyfriend are both 15 and I think im pregnant, I know its scary especially for you as you’re on your own. if im pregnant I arent having this baby I know I have to take responsibility for my mistakes but this isnt what I want. if my parents found out they would go mad at me I would get kicked out, and what kind of life is that for the baby living on the streets. I hope you made the right choice and things are all ok.

Answer #15

I didn’t have sex… He cumed near..

Answer #16

No one said that she can’t have complications…believe me, I know that probably better than you do. But there are complications she could also have if she carried the baby full term. That’s why I told her to talk to a doctor…they are the only ones that can answer her questions about what the complications could be.

Answer #17

Ok.. But still can I get rid of it without them knowing?

Answer #18

okk.. I havn’t had a test yet.. im going to on monday.. + what health issues? “Get rid of it? You make me sick.” Im 14 I can’t keep it.. + My parents would go mad..

Answer #19

In England..

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