Worried about my parents finding out I'm smoking

I’m 14 and started smoking and I’m worried about my parents finding out I’m smoking what can I do?

Answer #1

This is a hard one. Let me think…


Well I guess you could always STOP SMOKING!

why on earth would you smoke knowing that it will give you some sort of disease or health problem? and it will… some how or another it will affect your health, how about you stop smoking now before you’re addicted?

Answer #2

Well, first off, why did you start smoking? I’m sure you know this but it is VERY dangerous. In health, my class watched a video about smoking. These people got lung cancer and had to get their voice box removed. So now there is a hole in their throat and when they need to talk, they have to put their fingers up to that hole and speak. Now, I’m sure you don’t want this to happen to you. If your parents find out, then you might get punished but it’s kinda a good thing. They could probably help you quit and (if your friends didn’t pressure you to smoke) your friends could help you too. I hope this helps! :D

Answer #3

.. stop smoking.

Answer #4

It’s not healthy and at your age it’s easy to quit - much harder later.

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