Should I go back to get my GED?

if i get it will i be able to make loads of money??

Answer #1

You should get your GED. It’s important to finish that hs certificate. You probably won’t get a great job without it. but making loads of money comes with determination, good work, experience and proof that you are willing to work at what needs to be worked on. Maybe after the GED you could get some certifications. what are you wanting to do?

Answer #2

make movies

Answer #3

I went to get mine recently. It cost $35 I believe. Was pretty easy, straight forward test. Environment was just like a regular class room. Most all the questions were multiple choice, making things even easier.

If they offer you to have a graduation ceremony, take it! I didn’t want to, but I forced myself too and now I’m glad I did.

Answer #4

I think you deffently should.

Answer #5

You should go back and get it… absolutely! Will you make loads of money? That depends on you. There are plenty of jobs where you can make loads of money where you don’t need a college degree…sales comes to mind, but it depends on how hard you work and how motivated you are.

Get the GED… you’ll figure out the rest but that is the very first step toward a better future.

Good luck,


Answer #6

Thanks Nap…one thing is for sure…without it, you can’t get much of anywhere.

I’m rooting for you and if you need help on anything… let me know. I’m all about moving FORWARD and I see that you are too.

Go get ‘em.

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