What age do you have to be to drop out and not get a ged?

I was going to high school and they told me at 16 I was legaly a drop out, becuse I didnt go to school that much. So do I have to get my ged like they say as a court order at 17 now or do I have a choice to not get itor not?

Answer #1

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You have the choice as to whether or not to get a GED.

However, if you aren’t planning to finish high school then you should get your GED. It equates to a high school diploma which will be very necessary in your future years, especially if you intend to get decent employment.

Answer #2

if you are 16 you are legally a drop out and cant get your ged unless you reinroll your self in school so at 17 you have the choice to drop out yeah

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