Scared that if I get my ged people are going to see me as a quitter

I went to public school up until 9th grade then left because something happened and I couldn’t get myself to go back. Anyway, I’m homeschooled on the internet but still part of the school district. My mom is very sick so I take care of her and my little sister and cook and clean all day, unfortunatly that takes away a lot of time from working on school, which I constantly worry about. I’ve gotten so far behind that I wan’t to get my ged. I get many compliments on how well I cook, and I want to go to ai (art institute) for culinary arts, but I’m scared that if I get my ged people are going to see me as a quitter, even though I work very hard every day to take care of my family. The people who know me know I’m not running away, they know whats going on with me and they know my family is much more important to me than school right now, but my future could- be employers don’t, they just think I got tired of school and am running away from it when in reality I’m just trying to keep myself sane. Any advice?

Answer #1

Dear Ash, Here is what you do..Make sure you stay in real close contact (daily) with the teachers that you are working with on-line. Make sure!! they know and understand your homelife. DO NOT keep this from them..If there is a day or days you were not able to take the classes on-line because of your busy schedule…make contact with your teachers the next day and explain and plead with them to help you through this time. They will understand..Remember when people (especially teachers) see you are trying…they will bend over backwards for you to help and especially in a situation like yours. The reason you want those teachers close to you is because when you go to get a job or go to your college etc…These teachers will be your biggest chearleaders…They will know everything concerning your present situation and they will know how you got through it. These people will be the ones you will direct anyone who may question your integrity..your knowledge..your desire to be the best..and these people will be the ones that will explain how your homelife was. Try and don’t even think of quitting..If you miss some days stay in contact with your present teachers. Good-luck!!! Familycoach

Answer #2

I have never seen on a job application where it say either hs diploma or ged, it usually only has one space to check for both. That may be because the employeers figure, a person who has a ged and a person who got their diploma probably have the same level of education (at least here in the US). Colleges are a different story, however.

Answer #3

I think taking care of your family is wayy more important.. im not saying school isnt.. but family is family && they wud do the same for you,too .. get your GED …even if it’s hard… even if you know your not a quitter…people will see thatt && of how well you take care of your family.

Answer #4

getting a GED isn’t always quitting something – I have SO many friends who have gotten a GED – some because they were tired of HS && some just because they absolutely HAD to because of incidents that happend where they couldn’t possibly finish HS – in your situation I say a GED would be just fine – && your future employers will ask you why you didn’t finish HS or anything && if you explain then they would most likely understand (= Good luck !

Answer #5

I have a GED. I hold a Masters Degree and Undergraduate degree from Private colleges in Boston, MA. I am also in my first year of Law School currently in Boston, MA. You can due anything you want to due dont let anything hold you back!

Having a GED is not being a quitter it's actually harder to get, you have to stay motivated and 4 years of highschool in one exam , thats hard. Well I did it and you can too.  It was the best option for me to not fall behind. I dont feel like a quitter! You shouldn't either if this is the best for you to complete your education after all isn't this the reason for school to complete it!
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