Should I get my GED?

I am writing you because i need help. I have one child and one on the way. I went to school for a while then I stopped going and I want to know should I get my GED? i tried going back to school but it didn’t work out for me. So if you can help me out i would really like that

Answer #1

Well from someone who has been their and dropped out of school at 18. Yes you should get your GED. it has been the best thing i ever did i’m not getting ready to go to school again to be and elementary school teacher and i will never regret getting my GED the only thing i do regret is waiting so long to do it!!

Many wishes and good luck on your future!!!

Answer #2

Dear fatgirl, By all means see about getting your GED…you can take your courses at home or at the mature adult centres in your area. Finishing school is the first step to being able to get a good job whether that is now or later when the children are older. If you decide to go to work later having your GED will allow you to take college course at home (or community college) and get a diploma in something your interested in. The sky is the limit with a GED it’s a stepping stone to a good career now or later. You go girl!!! Sue…good luck

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