How can I get over being scared of going back to school?

This is my senior year and im scared that some of the other kids will be mean to me … There were rumors about me in ninth grade and I thought that they had gone away but there are still a couple of people who would remember … And im scared to go back cause I dont want to be embarassed.

Answer #1

You’re a senior! Go in there like you own the school and that you’re untouchable! That’s what I did. :-). Don’t worry about foolish rumors.

Answer #2

Don’t worry about it. You’ll be outta that school soon! and who cares what they say, those people just have nothing better to do than to make someone’s life miserable, so dont let it get to you

Answer #3

The great thing about senior year is no matter how bad it is, no matter which rumors follow you around or who makes fun of you, it’s the final nine months of that nonsense, and it’s over in a flash. College will be on you sooner than you think, and then you’ll never have to worry about hometown nonsense again. Move far, far away and start again however you like.

Answer #4

your a senior! why are you worried

Answer #5

dont let it get to u

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