Should I stay with the GED Program or go back to school?

Okay, well I’m an 18 year old h.s. drop out, but I am trying to earn my G.E.D. I admit I still wish I was able to finish h.s. and earn my diploma b/c I hate to say this or seem judgemental but thanks to my dad and few people that I knew say that people with G.E.D are nothing but loses and I might not seem like it hurts me but I feel like a loser b/c I regret blowing h.s. and this was suppose to be the year I graduted. I’m still thinkin should I go back next year to earn my diploma which is also embrassing b/c I be 19 in the 10th due to me failin algebra two years = / I basically passed my other classes but last school term wound up failin b/c I skipped school or wound up stayin home b/c I was sick or depress over BS and I’m a lil jealous of most of my friends that are graduating..most of them either got knocked up, did drugs, or etc and still graduating and all I did was missed a few days and feel like I’m gettin punish…(sorry for soundin self center) but I just get pissed off easily… I just wish I knew what was the right choice to make Stay with the G.E.D. program or try and earn that diploma…My ma was like I should just finish with the G.E.D b/c she wants me to go on to college. I feel like a BIG disappointment to them

Answer #1

Either way you will have accomplished your goal: ‘got an education’ - so be very proud with either accomplishment - that said, it’s my understanding, colleges tend to look more favorably on a diploma - take some time and think it over carefully, it’s not too late for either…I wish you every success !!

Answer #2

huh?great education but what the heck is a G.E.D.?

Answer #3

go back to school not many people have a chance to go to college like my mom and dad so grab the opertunity by the horns

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