Other worlds besides Earth

are there others, tell me alll you know about other worlds/galaxies out there that other humans/living things live on. im sooo curious be descriptive:p. I hear so many different things…

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Theres trillions of other planets that have sentient life forms on them.

Really? And how do you know this?

Answer #2

Nobody knows of any other planets with beings on them because none have yet been discovered.

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In response to arachnid I had put that I am not suspecting gliese 581 d is inhabited by any lifeforms, I’m sorry it looked that way, I’m merely giving an example of an earth-like planet

don’t remove this jeeze.

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Red dwarf stars emit low heat so planets existing in their habitual zone would orbit at a distance where they may become tidally locked.

Meaning one hemisphere would be constant day and the other night.

I think the Rare Earth Hypothesis raises some good points to consider.

Basically it argues that the emergance of life required a combination of circumstances.

+what the heck happened to my comments to arachnid

Answer #5

I t hink theres life on other planets we havent discovered any yet but I beliive there out there just not visting us

Answer #6

the guy who said something baout trillions could be right because im guessing there is never ending numbers of universes.

Answer #7

are there others, tell me alll you know about other worlds/galaxies out there that other humans/living things live on.

…we ‘know’ NOTHING about such things; because they remain beyond our reach. But considering the size of the known universe, and the size of the TOTAL universe (known + unknown) …the probability of life on other planets is indeed likely, but still unconfirmed.

Answer #8

mikeh of course you know that we ( The Milky Way ) is one of billions of galaxies. so for someone like you to generalize something like 10. you as well dont know the concept of bigger numbers either. you cant lay the smack down unless you ungeneralize things. so for the words trillions and trillions, it could be a concept of exageration. but meaning that we like pink pearl said are just a grain of sand on a beach. and the drake equation isnt anywhere near accurate. its a generalization and higher way of thinking for adults. plus one thing is we know of riverbeds on another planet in our own solar system. the red planet aka Mars. riverbeds show existence of water. and not all life forms live on the surface just as in ours. remember how our planet started accordingly to scientific theories is as protazoas and other single celled organizisms. if you look deserts or areas that have dry cracked ground. life is only an inch in the ground. algae underneath. so with trillions of other solar systems I dont see why there cant be more than 10.

Answer #9

Fair enough. I thought you were chipping in on the “there must be trillions of alien races out there” side of the discussion.

Answer #10

nlocnil: Evidence of one extrasolar planet that might have water on it isn’t evidence of extraterrestrial life. Especially when the planet has 8 times the mass of earth (and hence 8 times the gravity, making development of intelligent life unlikely.

I don’t doubt that as our telescopes and detection methods improve, we’ll find more and more extrasolar planets, including ones that are comparable to Earth in size and orbit. But finding planets that could plausibly be habitable is a long shot from actually finding life.

Answer #11

Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extrasolar_planet

Gliese 581 d is a candidate for what may be an “Earth-like” planet and because it has a mass nearly 8 times that of earth it is classified as a super-earth


Gliese 581 d is one of 4 known planets that orbit the red dwarf star gliese 581 located 20.3 light years away from Earth

From the article: Further studies released in April of 2009 confirmed that the planet (Gliese 581 d) is within the habitable zone where liquid water could exist. According to Stephan Udry, “d could be covered by a ‘large and deep ocean’; it is the first serious Ocean planet candidate.

Answer #12

U guyyys are awesomee. :)

Answer #13

people know there are other intelligent beings on other planets you have to be a fool to believe we are the only ones, look at it this way, we are in a solar system, outside our solar system is our galaxy, in our galaxy there are millions, trillions even of other solar systems, people just make galaxy seem like a small word, then out side our galaxy is the universe, and in the universe are billions or infinite numbers of galaxies, and in those galaxies are, you guessed it more solar systems, so in those infinite number of solar systems could you honestly look someone in the eyes and say you believe we are the only ones in this universe and we are the only ones in our galaxy, you really need to be good at turning a blind eye towards the truth to believe we are the only ones in this whole universe, and think about it, it happened for us, we started from cells and evolved, why cant it happen on an infinite number of other planets also?

Answer #14

people know there are other intelligent beings on other planets you have to be a fool to believe we are the only ones

You can’t just assert something like that as true. Where’s your evidence?

I certainly suspect there is other life in the universe - but at the present time, there’s absolutely no evidence of it.

also, the galaxy we live in is not called the Milky Way, our solar system is…

Aaand, there goes any credibility you may have had.

Answer #15


  1. I already established I was just talking about our own galaxy, no other. If you’re going to discuss every possible corner for life to hide, you might as well toss in all the other universes and every conceivable dimension and start throwing around numbers like “zoobaquadrillion” for all the practical use they are (none).

  2. If you can’t see why, you aren’t understanding the equation.

  3. No one suggested the Drake equation was accurate.

  4. Algae is not intelligent.

  5. “Protozoa” is already plural, so sticking an “s” on the end is…well, it’s just silly.

Answer #16

Trillions? Trillions?! Heh. Heh heh.

When people start tossing around numbers like “trillions,” it quickly becomes clear that they have no concept of just how big of a number a trillion is. Our own galaxy only has about 300 billion stars in it, and when we’re talking about contacting intelligent life, limiting the discussion to our own galaxy seems the most “realistic” course. And within the Milky Way, the Drake equation tells us that if there is intelligent life, only about 10 planets would support it.

Even with extremely generous speculation, 10 is a hell of a lot smaller than “trillions.”

Answer #17

also, the galaxy we live in is not called the Milky Way, our solar system is…

Answer #18

it makes my head hurt lol :p

Answer #19

no1 has ever found living things on other planets…(or at least thats what the government says)

Answer #20

tell me alll you know about other worlds/galaxies out there

No one here KNOWS whether there are other places with life on them, they can ONLY speculate. Nothing has yet been discovered.

Answer #21

We know there are exoplanets (planets outside our solar system). We don’t know if any of them could bear carbon-based life (yet!). But we can be sure there are no other planets with humans on them, because we don’t have interstellar space flight.

Answer #22

Theres trillions of other planets that have sentient life forms on them.

The problem is how to contact them- undoubtly, some have advanced tens of thousands of years ahead of us. Some are still “bang on rocks to make fire” stage.

Answer #23

It’s a fascinating topic. Would be nice if we could find out in our lifetime. I think endlessly about what else and who else is out there, I wonder if there are planets just like ours, given the same start, and wonder how different they turned out.

It would be arrogant or small-minded of us to conclude that we’re the only creatures in our galaxy, even, given the size of it. We’re one grain of sand on the beach.

Answer #24

we can talk about this all day and it doesnt really matter because we will never know until someone in outerspace communicates with us. In terms of statisitcs, there is a formula called the ‘drake equation’ that tries to figure out a mathematical probability of life elsewhere. but, all the variables in the drake equation are also speculative so the equation itself is subjective. so, its like asking is there a god? some will say yes and some will say no. is there life on other planets? some will say yes and some will say no. its a question that you can discuss with friends with a beer. but, that’s all it is. a question with no answer. sorry.

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