The world

If the world falls down and keeps on falling. Where is it gonna land and are we gonna feel it?

Answer #1

Well the world is actually falling. Like a ball falls to the earth, the earth is falling towards the sun, which is falling towards the center of the galaxy, which is falling towards a cluster of galaxies, which is most likely falling toward something else.

The term falling down to us just means falling towards our earth.

Answer #2

ok first off we would die because we need the sun. we could feel it, it would b dark and we would die of heat burn because we would fall so fast(wich wouldnt happen anyway)

Answer #3

It is not going to land anywhere. It will just keep falling and falling forever and ever.

Answer #4

the world cannot fall down because it is being held in orbit by the sun. the sun protects the planets from falling into deep space. but if it were to fall, it would fall into deep space which is defined as having a temperature of about 3 Kelvin or -270 degrees celcius. Its called deep space because there is very little matter there, maybe an occasional hydrogen atom here and there.

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