Are other planets going to stay like that forever without people?

Are other planets going to stays like that forever without people living on it

Answer #1

well it doesnt have to be a planet could be a moon or an asteroid as well if we do colonize space we not one massivly catastrophic event could wipe out the human race wed be invincible

Answer #2

matt’s right, people need atmosphere, oxygen, water,etc to survive. scientists are trying to create biospheres(fake atmospheres) on other planets like moon so that animals and plants can live there.

Answer #3

um … I think so , maybe in like a million years or so when we find the technology to do so but for now I’m pretty sure the only planet we could even possibly even consider living on is mars because they found canals that made it look like their used to be water but now they are having doubts so I don’t think we’ll be inhabiting any other planets anytime soon though , but if you think about it , it doesn’t quite make sense that out of all the universes that our so much bigger then ours , that WE are the only people or “species” out there. That I don’t quite believe , it just doesn’t make too much sense to m , but hey I could just be nutzzz lol but any who to totaly anwser your question think about the order of the planets ,

the sun <—mercury <—Venus <— earth <— Mars <—asteroid belt lol can’t forget that <—Jupiter <—Saturn <—Uranus <—Neptune <—and Pluto but apparently it no longer counts as a planet -- so look at that the sun is reallly hot , so obviously we couldn’t live on mercury , Venus is a gas planet , it wouldn’t be very intelligent to move to a planet that we had to “filter” so to speak, it’s atmosphere , mars probably is close enough ti the sun to keep us warm but not fried and far enough away to keep us cool and not frozen , the asteroid belt is simply there in Jupiter’s orbit I guess , and Jupiter is also a gastric planet , which means we probably couldn’t even stand on it and if we could we would probably freeze to death or just die from some other awful form of something in space -- Saturn , Uranus , and Neptune are all much too far from anything to even consider living there and Pluto is no longer a planet so … there ya go hope I helped

Answer #4

umm, versacequeen, I may be dumb. but I don’t understand the last paragraph. What do you mean? lol, I’m just interested in that kinda planet things. :)

Answer #5

The living conditions are not suitable for survive. But scientists are thinking about growing farms on the moon.

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