What are some fun games you can play with elementary kids?

Answer #1

Like board games? or regular games not needing anything to play?

Answer #2

sry that was a kinda stupid reply with the board games.. like thumbs up or hangman

Answer #3

My mom is a foster parent she recamends roleplays and guessing games after reward them and smile say goood job would you like a (cracker,dead fish jk…chocolate,apple,carrot…idk)

Answer #4

i always had good luck playing safari with my friends kids, they both loved watching animal shows so we would pretend to be capturing crocodiles and snakes and other critters, it can be quite entertaining watching where a childs mind will go during such pretend excursions.

i had to pretend fix many a pretend broken leg after the kids pretended to be attacked by a crocodile or alligator - quite humorous indeed.

Answer #5

Depends, how many of them are there?

Answer #6

You could play scream. You have to run while screaming, and you have to stop once you stop. Who ever gets the more far wins.

Answer #7

Outdoor/Gym games there’s: SPUD, Freeze Tag, Dogeball/Dr. Dogeball, Octopus, Capture The Flag, Kick The Bucket Sports perhapse?

Indoor/Classroom games: Heads Up 7 Up, Around The World, Broken telephone, Sherades, Musical Chairs, Some Improve games?

I’m just throwing out popular games I know, just google them for instructions :)

Answer #8

I’m working with kids this summer and most of the time , we’re outside . There’s 13 of them , ranging from 8-11 years old .

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