First time with my kid's in 5 years, what to do for fun?

I haven’t seen my kids in five years and they are coming home to me I wanted their first day with me to be a day to remember should I have a party , what can I do to make them feel welcome

Answer #1

Make sure you pull each of them aside, alone, and let them know everything you would want them to know - we never know what turn life may take at any time…I wish you all a day full of Love and Fun !!

Answer #2

I’m only 16, but I would say what ever you do, make it clear that you love them. try to listen to them. if they don’t talk, go drive around somewhere or watch a movie and they’ll open up. good luck!

Answer #3

Show thos kids how much you love them and that you want them…there might be all you have one day show them your sorry( juss sayin since I don’r know why you haven’t seen them in 5 years) be understanding about everything juss show them you love them

Answer #4

I would tell the kids that they each get to pick one thing to do with you. That way you’ll know they’ll like it and getting to do it with you will only make it that much better.

Answer #5

If they haven’t seen you in five years, awkward may be inevitable. It depends how old they are. I would go to fun public places. If they are younger, go to the park or to a fast food play place. grab some board games. go get ice cream. If they are older, go to the mall, get coffee. Maybe let them decide what to do. How many kiddos and what are their ages?

Answer #6

have a very fun party and buy foods that you know they like be hospitable and offer them drinks or anything you have dont make it awkward and give them a hug when they walk in

Answer #7

Don’t throw a party you want 2 shoe them a normal day with you and a day that they will still remember. Remember just shoe them around.

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