Should I let my child play video games?

Is it bad to let my child play video games on the week day when there getting good grades hes allod to play on the weekends but he wants to play on the week day because he gots good grades

Answer #1

After homework is done, play for a predetermined amount of time (say 1 hr) - but make it clear if grades suffer, it returns to weekends only…Good luck !!

Answer #2

I think you should let him play 1 hour per day on weekdays and 2 hours on Saturday and 2 on Sunday – as long as he keeps his grades up and homework (school and personal) is completed when he is supposed to be.

Answer #3

I should suggest being a child too my self that: 1.Do homework a book (3.I play piano for 30minutes) And then I get 1 hour of computer to spend so that is going to be 7 hours a week,but suggest this you can mess up in games and try again but school you don’t get a second chance.=D

Answer #4

it would definitely depend on the age of your kid… if hes younger then you probably should restrict his time but maybe if hes a teenager you should just say “I’ll let you play video games as much you want but if your grades go down they’ll be taken away” that teaches responsibility

Answer #5

I personally don’t set a time when my kid can play games. Here is what I do. I allow 5 hrs per week and I let the child decide when she wants to play. After she is done with home work she can play one hour per week day and none on weekends, or 30 minutes per week days and the rest on weekends. Pretty soon child learns to distribute time evenly for the whole week :)

Answer #6

well for me being a child myself, I think that maybe you should restrain. like maybe until either he finishes his homework. Or maybe you should get him those educational video games.

Answer #7

I don’t think your child should be able to play Video Games on the Weekdays. I think you should only allow maybe 2-3 hours on the Weekend, because then, most likely there will be no homework, and afterwards he/she can go outside and get some exercise which would be good to do on weekends, especially if it is cool and sunny. If you want to though, I think kxk56 has a good idea. Maybe allow a few hours on the Weekday, but make sure your child has all the Homework and Studying done firsthand, and then they can play for a little while. But as soon as the Grades go down due to Video Games/ Homework not being completed, video Games on weekdays should not be allowed.

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