What is a good way to get fruits and veggies into my diet if I don't generally like either?

Answer #1

V8 juice,


or make your own smoothies.

Answer #2

As far as vegetables go the best way is to finely chop them and incorporate them into your foods. You can finely chops veggies and add it to every day meals and hardly even notice, spaghetti, in mashed potatoes, in casserolls, etc. Thats how i trick my two year old into eating them lol. If your not that into plain fruit, try using dips to make better for you (yogurt, caramel, peanut butter, etc). You can also drink fruit juice (just be sure its real fruit juice and not loaded with sugar, smoothies, or even dried fruits.

Answer #3

or you can just drink fruit drinks, it be alot easier to consume and is much quicker………for the veggies, you can drink v8 splash…

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