Would drinking V8 juice (that claims to give you a full serving of veggies and fruit) be a good alternative to eating veggies and fruits?

I was just wondering… could you just drink V8 juice that claims to give you a full serving of both fruits and vegetables, instead of actually eating fruits and vegetables?

Would it be the same? If it would not be the same, why not?

Answer #1

I believe so.

Answer #2

I think it would be the closest to the real thing you can find, nothing compares to fresh veggies or fresh fruit but if you aren’t gonna be eating them anyways fruit juice or vegetable juice would be a good alternative :)

Answer #3

Eating fresh vegetables makes the nutrients found in them far more potent as I’m sure that the process of bottling or canning destroys nutrients. V8 contains spinach, celery, beets, and watercress, vegetables most individuals do not normally eat anyways. Perhaps drinking V8 during the week when one is the busiest then saving fresh fruit and vegetables for the weekends would be a good solution.

Answer #4

My Son Does Not Like Most Veggies So We Drink V8 Fusioun And V8 Splash

Answer #5

its good for u if u dont eat veggies anyways but if u r already and it dosnt bother u then i wouldnt start drinkn it. its alwasy better for u to hav the real thing but if that dosnt work for u then its better then nothing.

Answer #6

I agree. I also believe it is an excellent alternative (not just an inferior substitute) to a serving of fresh fruit or vegetables.

Answer #7

Considering how woefully deficient most people’s diets are in vegetables and fruit drinking V8 is probably a step in the right direction. V8 does not have all of the fiber of the fruit and vegetables in it and is very high in sodium which in general isn’t good and very bad if you need to control your sodium intake. I like V8 but I hated the low sodium version. V8 tastes good because it is full of salt. You are much better off learning to like raw fruits and vegetables. In general the less processed a food is the healthier it is.

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