Why does my friend's mom hate me because I dont go to church?

Answer #1

She probably thinks that you dont have the same views as her or she just finally found a reason to dislike you

Answer #2

Agreed with above. There’s a lot of religous people who will dislike others for not going or not believing. Just ignore it.

Answer #3

Well, many people are just too religious to think outside of church they like people to think like them and be like them. They hate it when people do not attend or do not believe. Sometimes these people are called Bible-thumpers trying to use the book to make people feel bad or insecure about how they are living. Yeah i just ignore them

Answer #4

That is so unfair…judging people just because they dont believe in what you preach, I would be the bigger person here & explain to her that everyone on this earth is entitled to choose how they live in a free fashion. Just because you dont live the same lifestyle she does does not give her the right to be your judge & jury…that is entirely between you & god.

If she cant be the older & wiser person here & listen to reason then what does that say for the way she raises her children? Does she teach them to hate all but peeps that live according to the Church?

My god this is 2010 & people still live in the stone age! Was it not the lord that said “LOVE they neighbor!” no matter what race, color or ethnic background?! Maybe she should practice what she preaches by learning to live & let live…

Sorry this sort of stuff really makes me mad when people pass judgment for no apparent reason then blame it on their religion…ugh! Not everyone has to be the same & act the same & live the same way she does…try to make her see that & perhaps she will understand how wrong it was to misjudge you as she has & perhaps she might even apologize for her mean behavior!

Good Luck♥

Answer #5

thnx hun :)

Answer #6

I find this a lot these days, people are in a religion preaching about everybody being equal and ‘spread the love all around’ etc etc, then they turn around and shun an innocent person because they aren’t of the same religion. Just ignore it, be polite, kind, smile etc, but you can’t change somebody’s opinion. Maybe you could talk to your friend and ask her/him why their mother feels like this or what you could do to get on better with her.

Answer #7

She’s a hypocrite?

Answer #8

Maybe she is very religious…and doesnt want her daughter/ or son to walk away from his/her chance to be with God. Judging you is bad but she is maybe only trying to protect your friend. She probably just wants whats best because once you are away from the things of God it is always hard to go back :) Just try to be a good example and show her that your a good kid :)

Answer #9

If your mom is a Christian, Christians shouldn’t hate, not trying to be judgmental or anything.

Answer #10

Yeah my grandma gets annoyed when I talk about the Big Bang Theory (created the universe) not so much as I’m against religeon (Im not) but just a science nut although I dont believe in some “Higher being.”

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