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my mom is forcing me to go to church...

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I am sixteen, and my mom wants to force her religion on me.

I was a christian until eighth grade. up until that time, I had been going to church and I was pretty into it. around eighth grade, I became agnostic, and in high school, I became an all out strong atheist.

I tolerated going to church for about a year after deconverting, and then I told my mom that I wouldn't go anymore. I told her why I don't believe and asked her to give me some reason to believe that she was right about religion. she told me that I had to go until I moved out, and I told her that she would have to physically force me to go to church if I was to go.

that was last sunday, and after that she took my car away and told me that I was grounded until this sunday. if I go to church, I get my car back. if I don't, I'm grounded for another week. I decided to draw a line in the sand here. if she won't let up, neither will I.

what should I do to convince her that it is wrong to force me to go to church at this age when I have obviously put a lot of thought into what I believe.

please don't try to convert me to christianity. please don't tell me to suck it up and go to two more years. just give me the advice I am looking for, please.