What is a bible verse that can be used with letting my friend go to New York with me?

I really want my best friend to go to New York with me but her mom said no, My mom and her mom are best friends too, even though my mom yelled at her today cuz she never lets my friend go anywhere with me. My friends mom is super religious, and i was wondering is ther was enything in the bible tat could relate to this situation, i sure there is.

Answer #1

A bible verse isn’t going to change her mind.

Answer #2

I agree with Cassie, persuading her with her own religion wouldn’t make her happy anyway. Have you actually explained to her why it is that you want her to go with you with a realistic plausible reason? It’s natural that she wouldn’t want her to go, it’s her mothers instinct to worry about her child and not wanting her to go far away is perfectly understandable.

If all else fails, you can always send your friend letters with pictures of New York for her to see. It’s not the same but it’s the closest she can get to actually being there with you :)

I hope this helps!

Answer #3

Colissians 3:12 through 14?

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