How common is it for youth in USA to go to church?

I just see here on FA that there’s a lot of young people talking about church, and it’s so weird to me. I’m from Norway, and during my whole life, I’ve been to church 6 times, and all of those was funerals. I’m not baptized, and NONE of my friends all the way from I was a little kid and up to now EVER goes to church! I don’t even know where to find a church here I live,,,

Answer #1

I’d say it was relatively common. I attended church for the first 12 years of my life. I don’t anymore, but I do know quite a few people who do.

Answer #2

I honestly think it depends on where people are from and what values or beliefs they are brought up with. In certain areas here I don’t see any of the youth going to church, but in others they are very passionate about religion and their beliefs.

It’s common, but more common in certain areas than in others.

Answer #3

It depends on the country. In my country most people go to church because we are still in many ways conservative. Your country on the other had is very liberal. The US for me is in between with some people going to church every Sunday and others almost never or never.

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