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How to not be so scared of church?

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im young.
I am soo scared of church.
I dont know why I guess I was never involved with my churches youth group
when I was little
and when I meet my friends
& went to their youth group I was never treated the same as them
because I didn't go there as long as they did
then we stopped going / kinda believing
my best friend. is very Christian.
hes going to school to be a youth pastor.
he wants me to go to his chruch. and try it again
and my mom wants me to too. along with an old bestfriend
but because I stopped believing in god
and have done some very big sins.
I am so scared because I dont want to be a hypocrite
and I dont know I dont want to be an outsider
and feel all awkward.
I don't know what to do. I want to believe in god but it seems so hard.
my bestfriend is so important to me and he knows a lot and I look up to him
I want to be a better person and this seems like a
good way to improve my life. so scared.
what if everyone there hates me.