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Is Fox news guilty of shenanigans?

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Ron Paul, the Texas congressman and 2008 Presidential candidate won the 2011 CPAC straw poll of conservative voters for the 2nd year running. Fox News' America's Newsroom invited Paul to interview him following the win. The anchor, Bill Hemmer, set the tone of the interview by noting audible booing heard after the announcement of Paul's win, asking Dr. Paul to decipher the scorn. Upon further inspection... It seems that Fox News had substituted the 2010 announcement in place of the 2011 one. Ron Paul supporters feel that it was intentional and a rehashing of mainstream media tactics in the 2008 campaign that marginalized Paul... most notably when Fox News excluded Paul from taking part in their 2008 New Hampshire republican debate, despite the fact that Paul had been winning most of the public opinion polls amongst republicans. Fox News claims it was an honest mistake... the moderator was dressed similarly and they accidentally used the old footage. I suppose their filing system could be visually based... but I doubt it. What do you think? Shenanigans or slip up?