What are some credible sources that I can get news from?

Besides televised news which I REALLY, emphasis on the really, want to avoid, which newspapers, magazines, etc have a good reputation for reporting non-biased news?

Answer #1

honestly. i dont trust much of the media.

Answer #2

There are many some of which are: CNN.com which is news around the whole world also extremely reliable and popular, CBS news, Google news, Yahoo News are all credible sites.

Answer #3

Well unless you’re a journalist yourself this is all you have to get information in regards to Political situations. How else does one go about getting information on Politics besides the media? Just a thought you know.

Answer #4

CNN sounds good, I’ll try that one, thank you :)

Answer #5

It’s really hard to find news organizations that aren’t biased, but there are some that give it a shot. The best I can offer are news organizations that try to be close to the middle, such as NPR, Reuters, the Economist, Real Clear Politics, Politico and BBC News. And Fox. Just kidding. Also, look into anything published by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Answer #6

I use http://funadvice.com/r/14met8fg1nb (but now you have to pay a subscription ¬¬), http://funadvice.com/r/14met8fg38s and the like to find information on politics. I find that the way of finding the most accurate information is to look at as many sources as possible and cross-read everything. But these are quite good. These are UK newspaper websites though so I don’t know how much use they’ll be to you over in NY.. :]

Answer #7

Worldly news is good for me :) can’t just focus on America! Thank you for those two :)

Answer #8

I never know what channel BBC is on :/ as a matter a fact, I’m terrible with TV scheduling and the like so I’d prefer GREATLY newspapers :) But I’ll give BBC a shot, what channel is it on? :)

Answer #9

Oops, I didn’t read your description, sorry :( I’d try New York Times or Washington Post. But if you’re willing to check out BBC it’s on 264 for Directv and 235 on Dish. Not sure about cable, don’t have it :)

Answer #10

I had to be so unlucky as to have CABLE right this day huh? cries

New York times it is! :) thank you for all the help :)

Answer #11

Cooooool :) aha

Answer #12

http://funadvice.com/r/14meu7ditge - if you can’t find it on the tellybox :)

Answer #13

No problem :)

Answer #14

I read Der Spiegel quite a bit, and they have an English, international version. Some of it is biased, but many of their reports are refreshingly candid and give broad international coverage.

Answer #15

BBC News are credible usually, apart from when michael jackson died…

Answer #16

I’ve always been a fan of the international focus of The Christian Science Monitor.

Answer #17

Fox would be best

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