Does anyone watch the AlJazeera news?

(We recently got a free preview of the AlJazeera news channel and we think its great. It seems way more informational than North American news channels, or even the BBC. Does anyone else watch it and what do you think?)

Answer #1

i watch it in English only :P

Answer #2

Yes, I watch it in English too as I only speak English (and a little french) : )

Answer #3

They also have an English website. I read there sometimes. They have very good background stories, details, interrelated history facts and they show interrelations that you’ll miss on the other news.

I do not get AlJazeera TV.

Answer #4

My friend reads their news website daily and speaks very highly of it. We are about to lose our free preview, so I’ll have to make a point of reading over the web newsite daily.

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