Where do you go for news about politics?

Most of us know the news programs on major TV networks are either biased or more interested in making money than reporting news fairly. Many major newspapers are not much better. So where do you usually go for your news about politics? Do you still trust the major sources, or do you have an alternative media that you think is better?

Answer #1

Alternative media is way better.

Mainstream media tends to want to balance out even lies. For example:

Politician A says: “The sky is red” Politician B says: “The sky is blue”

Mainstream media will have a panel discussion to get some balance between those two points of view. Even though one is clearly wrong. Stuff like this drives me up the wall.

I’m a pretty liberal guy. I read blogs most of the time, most liberal, a few conservative. And I read some of the mainstream sites as well. I dont watch news on television anymore maybe for the past 6 years, since its so braindead.

I use Google Reader: http://www.google.com/reader

It lets me subscribe to my favorite sites and all my news is in one place. All my tech news is in this place too, handily categorized and I rarely visit sites anymore. Reader is where its at!.

Answer #2

I gather information from many sources. I look at liberal and conservative sources. But I will also research something before I give it any creedance. As they say on the X Files, “the truth is out there”. It is there for anyone willing to take the time to find it. But there ares some not willing to research and only get their info from extreme right wing sources like Newsmax, Townhall, NewsBusters, or the FreeRepublic.

econsult makes a very good point in the way the mainstream media is afraid to call something a lie for fear of being labeled bias. Take the “lipstick on a pig” non-sense going on. They are reporting McCain’s accusations of sexism as if they had even the slightest bit of credibility. It is quite obvious Obama was not talking about Palin when he said it, but you would never know that based on the news coverage. They are treating it as if it is what he said was actually open to debate, instead of reporting on the fact that McCain is running ads that promote an out and out lie.

Answer #3

“I watch them all…from FOX to CNN to the three major’s”

Phrannie, you are not going to get the whole story from any of them. FAKE News isn’t even a legitimate news organization. They are a propaganda arm for the Republican party. And CNN isn’t much better than FAUX News.

Try the BBC, or PBS. You will get much more unbiased news reports.

Answer #4

I watch them all…from FOX to CNN to the three major’s…Newpapers are just as biased…so best to get as many views as possible, and draw conclusions from somewhere in the middle…

Answer #5

I go to CNN and ABCNEWS a lot though these days CNN is little better than FOX.

For in depth coverage I like Mother Jones.

Answer #6

It’s hard to find a source that hasn’t been tainted in some way. Politicians lie and manipulate as do government officials, the media broadcasts things that sell like things that illicit fear… There’s so much crap on our television sets that it’s hard to discern what to believe anymore. Sometimes I wish our democracy ran more like a monarchy heh.

I like to read books, but I’m still wary. They still have to pass through something; it wouldn’t be out in public if it wasn’t approved by someone. Currently, I’m reading ‘The Culture Of Fear’ by Barry Glassner.

Answer #7

FOX and NBC are terribly biased

but generally newspapers from the bigger cities (LA, NYC etc.) are more trustable, IMO

Answer #8

I either watch fox, or go on the internet to get my news. Sometimes, I even listen to the radio.

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