Who feels the government is doing enough to stop the oil spill?

Answer #1

i dont .

Answer #2

Not me!

Answer #3

I dont either!

I think the government does what they do best…try to sugar coat everything while doing things under the table… As long as they benefit from it who cares who suffers in the process?!

Shame on them…where is the love, compassion, and promises they continue to make (shall I say empty promises) all the while they sit there all high & mighty controlling our lives & we just agree to it all like robots!
Now that is shame on us…for allowing them to treat us like that!

Answer #4

Gawsh, couldn’t have word it better myself! :)

Answer #5

lol, thnx!♥

Answer #6

Hmph, we all know those pesky politicians are some excellent actors, their shenanigans needs to stop, now!

Oh and you’re welcome :)

Answer #7

The government doesn’t have the power over the situation currently. BP is the one in control, and they say they are fixing it, which is a lie, they are just attempting many things which none of have worked so far.

Answer #8

It’s not as simple as you guys think, if it were as easy as you make it sound then this problem would have been fixed.

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