What was Cheney's role in the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

Cheney heads secret task force that causes oil spill. Pelicans can blame Cheney and Halliburton/BP for Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Answer #1

Yes I am sure your right, Dick Chenny was just sitting around and thought “HEY I know what would be fun, lets cause an oil leak. That will make people like me”

Answer #2

Dick Cheney didn’t cause the oil spill. It does seem obvious that as long as we are nursing on the teat of oil that we are going to have to drill more including off-shore. We couldn’t switch to alternative sources of energy overnight even if it was our #1 national priority.

The thing is that it needs to be done as safely as possible. Dick Cheney did head the task force that helped do away with troublesome regulations like requiring redundant remote-control shut off valves. If there were more safeguards would we still have a massive oil spill? I don’t know but I do know that when you let the industries write their own regulations that bad things do happen.

Answer #3

If Cheney’s company (well, former) Halliburton did the work on the pipelines…then isn’t it their fault?

But, since Bush pardoned him on his way out of office…hm, can we still prosecute?

On the other hand, BP gave a ton of money to…Obama :(

Why is it that the companies that screw the American people have always greased the one guy that could nail them to the floor?

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