Government fraud/or just plain waste!

I am a convicted felon! That said let me paint a picture for you. I had a job a short time back working for a company that sub-contracted their services to the railroad and I was required to submit to a background check, supossedly to allow me to work on railroad property and to enter power plant operation sites (Homeland Security based security clearence). Needless to say I was imediately fired upon the return of my rap sheet. Now mind you I had already been doing these things for over two months, plus the fact that I had at one time in my past been an employee of the Union Pacific railroad. I’m persecuted daily and in my view being discriminated against because of my past, (although in the eyes of the law, I payed for my indescretions in full), I can’t find a decent job because I have a past. I recently took a temporary position with a contractor to work as his driver. Well, fine but we had to get a security clearance again, this, because he had work to do on an Air Force base, (A Stratigic Air Command base) I applied for and was given a contractors security clearance badge to enter the base on a daily basis, and it is effective for a year as well as renewable. Now if I’m too much of a risk to be allowed access to railroad property or to coal fired power plants, how in hell is it possible for me to enter a miliary base. This is a prime example of your hard earned tax dollars at work. Homeland security is not stopping terrerists, its stopping Americans from being productive members of society. Is’nt it time to stop the holier than though attitudes ? Is’nt it time to let a person leave his past behind if that is what they choose to do? Please stop forcing us into a corner, give a person a chance to prove themselves. Enough said for the present!

                                                                                                                         Robert L.
Answer #1

GOD I LOVE YOU I too am a convicted felon and am in the process of writing all of our senators about passing a law which would clean ones record, so that we may get on with our lives…you are so right when you say we have paid our debt, but have we? We have been given a life sentence.Please e-mail me

                                                            a convicted felon serving life
Answer #2

You need to contact your Law makers (state / federal) and solicit assistance to bring about change - it is a catch 22…I wish you the best !!

Answer #3

Look at what the bush brain is doing, and he gets away with it. It’s all in our government.

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