While Obama is looking for "who's butt to kick" over the oil spill, why isn't he arresting some executives?

The very least he could do is show some, you know “tough talk”…seriously. The longer this guy is in office….the more I’m 100% convinced I don’t care who’s running against him, he’s done. OR are you happy with the oil spill handling?

Answer #1

I think you have to be charged with a crime before you can be arrested…he could hold one for 24 hours, but that’s about it….course that’d get some attention :)

Answer #2

I am sure it takes time and questions, no doubt with a big corp there are alot of people involved. Wow, did I just defend him?

Answer #3

I think…someplace, h e double hockey sticks…just froze over.

Answer #4

BP, Transocean, and Halliburton were all tripping over each other trying to point fingers and blame the others. An investigation is one thing…a bunch of executives spewing BS in attempt to save their own hides is another. As for Obama, I don’t think there is much he can do other than give the illusion that there is something he can do. I believe Obama met with BP CEO Tony Hayward this week. Regardless of the outcome of that meeting, Hayward will be brutalized by Congress during his hearing with them, and that’s what we should expect. It’s the job of Congress, in this case, to investigate and fry those responsible.

Answer #5

Honestly, sometimes it isn’t hard to see how deep and disgusting the connection is between big business and the government. Oil is one of the biggest markets in America; everyone uses fossil fuels at one point or another. Thus BP is trying to capture and re-sell the gushing oil rather than just closing it off, which would be much better for the environment. I think our current administration has been willing to overlook some of BP’s fault in the whole thing as long as it keeps their collective pocketbooks in good standing. I’m tired of the two-party corperatocracy in our country. If Obama isn’t gonna kick hard enough, maybe it should be our foot up the money-grubbing wrong-doer’s A$$.

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