Should the government stop the making of cigerettes?

As we know all that cigerette smoking is injurous to health. And it also may lead to cancer. They why does the govts don’t take steps to stops the making of cigerettes?

Answer #1

Freedom of choice is a heavy issue. I don’t think that the government should encroach on the liberties of its people. Having said that, I think that there is a point where the government should step in and protect its people as well. I think if you are doing something that could effect the health of those around you, there should be some kind of protection against that. In my opinion your rights end where my lungs begin. If you’re smoke has the potential, key word potential (since not everyone is effected the same way), then there has to be some way of curtailing the use of tobacco.

The government has already taken steps in that direction. Several state governments now protect people from second hand smoke in public buildings. The taxes on ciggarettes are also an example of the governments efforts to protect our health. Heavy taxes increase the sale price of cigarrettes with the hope that the consumer would think twice before purchasing. Any smoker will tell you that there cigarrette budget is a good portion of what they spend.

The advice given previously compares fast food to cigarrettes. There are similarities as far as health risks, right to choose what you put into your body, etc. but there is one big difference, your consumption of a cheeseburger and fries doesn’t effect MY health. I don’t imagine the government will take any further steps to limit tobacco consumption because they are large contributors to compaigns and they receive a good amount of taxes.

Answer #2

It’s the tobacco lobbyists and big tobacco corporations padding the bank accounts of our Senators and Representatives in Washington purer and simple. It’s the same reason our prescriptions in the U.S. cost so much. The best law this country could pass would be to outlaw all lobbyists. But our congress would have to do that but that would be like cutting off their noses to spite their face. The fox is guarding the chicken house!

Answer #3

Ya gotta start at the bottom with the tobacco farmers because that is how cigarettes come about. Do you know how long all this would drag through the legal system if all of a sudden tobacco farmers were told that they could no longer do the work that had been in their families for generation after generation?

Personally, I do not smoke but I can not see smoking being outlawed or banned anytime in the near future or at least in my lifetime.

Gee could you see a law being passed that if a cop pulls you over for a traffic infraction and then sees a lit cigarette, handcuffs ya and carts ya off to jail? Yeah that would be something to see :))) There would not be enough time in the Nightly News to report all the day’s arrests…

Answer #4

we cant control people. and if we could, then we should be more worried about fast food and junk food. though cigs are still bad for you health fast food is worse. that can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardio vascular disease, obesity and depression.

Answer #5

the other thing that makes fast food so dangerous is eating is a need. you cant just quit eating where as you can quit smoking. i think that people can smoke if they want. once someone steps in and say “no more smoking”, thats when the rebellion starts. just like the 18th amendment in 1920. and yes, if someone is smoking around you, it does affect you. and if someone is eating fast food around it doesnt, unless you eat it too. but you dont have to be around people that smoke. which is why i agree with the law that prohibits smoking inside buildings.

Answer #6

The government collect alot of taxes from smoking towards the countries budget and it far outways the cost of smoking induced medical care in the UK. And i agree with the above, fast food is another cause of self induced ill health. TV and computer games cause people to sit around and be unheathy too. Then there’s pollution, litter dropping, industrial waste, car exhaust fumes. It would be nice to live in a world where things were better. I wish tobacco had never been discovered… Yes i’m a smoker with no will power, much to my shame.

Answer #7

Gov’t depends on the heavy taxes from this revenue source.

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