Is it bad that I'm agnostic but I still go to church because my parents tell me to?

Answer #1

You do not have to be sure of your faith yet, I still have to go to church because my parents tell me to, and When I’m older I will decide for myself, just don’t moan about it and it goes quite quick. You have a lot more of your life to decide what you believe

Answer #2

Not really bad seeing as how you are underage and should still listen your parents. If your parents know that you are agnostic, and force you to go to church, then they are the ones who are doing wrong. If it doesn’t bother you to go, then there is nothing wrong with it.

Answer #3

It’s quite normal. Especially if your parents/grandparents are true believers. If you are not a believer (agnostic or atheist) and underage you usually have to act in front if your folks… Don’t worry, every non-believer had to go through this :) We survive.

Answer #4

i’m an atheist and my mother used to force me to go to church.finally i got tried of it and said to her if you really believed in god you wouldnt want me to go to church because i would be in a house of worship where i don’t belong and that is sacreligious. i no longer have to go.

Answer #5

Yes, it is your life that you are living, if you no longer feel the certainty and love that faith in a religion can bring you. Your precious life is better suited doing better things. Do not waste your time with such trivial manners and also tell your parents that you have out grown it, that they should respect you and that you are happy with this belief. Do all only if they make sense to you. Reason should that makes sense to you personally should be the guiding force in your life.

Answer #6

by defination an agnostic is one who is unshue if you are realy one then you are still questing, and surching. I think that is a good way to be, It is my hope that you find the truth, so I think that going to church is a good thing in principle. I might sugest you try other churches. God will lead you into truth.

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