Should I tell my over religious parents that I'm Wiccan?

Okay this is dumb I know..well not really but anyways.

My parents have sent me to church since I was 2 and I was always such a good little choir girl until about 13.

I discovered wicca and I decided to make it my religion of choice.being of an irish decent,I just felt a stronger connection with the religion when I participated in a ritual with a friend as guest in her coven.I have never felt that connection sitting in a church before like I felt with god/goddess.

I have been practicing wicca since then and I dont regret it.

My problem is that my grandparants do not know that I am wiccan and they still make me go to church. They think anything other that what they believe is ‘devil’s evil’ and im already defying their rules by dressing goth-ish,gaging my ears,having multiple piercings and wearing skulls and band shirts to services yet they do nothing to stop me when I walk out of the house in them but they whine to their friends about how im posssed and crazy and that im going to hell.

My question is,I feel ashamed that I am hiding my devotion to god & goddess and the great all and I want to tell them w/out getting my head put on a pike or getting another hour long in my face yelling spree about how ‘I am damned to hell for being original and how I was probably spawned from satan himself’ I am.

So I guess I should ask two questions..

Should I say something or keep quiet? And if I should say something,how should I go about saying it.

Answer #1

You have nothing to gain by speaking - this is just how I feel - if you meet me and don’t get to know me, you’ve lost nothing, but if you meet Jesus and don’t get to know Him, you’ve lost everything…Take care !!

Answer #2

hmmm wicca isnt a religion so you like outside thats not a fuccin religion its a hobby

Answer #3

Honestly I would keep quiet because my parents are JW’s and very very religous, when I try to talk to them I get no where. I know you won’t like what I’m about to say but you’ll just have to wait until your 18. It’s not so bad, It really helps getting support from your friends. feel free to message me anytime!

Answer #4

jester_x,im not underage. im eighteen,so I’m legal. but I do see your point and thnaks for the advice.

Answer #5

I’ld say wait until you have a place to go & then tell them. Since you’re 18 they may threaten to kick you out, you never know. Most witches & wiccans keep to themselves about their religion & practice, but it’s becoming more common for them to ome out of the closet so to speak. I’ld say when the time is finally right(you’ll know) tell them, just tell them. & don’t just leave it to that, tell them what it is, what it’s about. Hold strong to who you are & be proud of it. Don’t waver, be ferm in your tone so they know this is who you are & what you choose to be & that you don’t intend on changing that any time soon.

Answer #6

I’m a wiccan too, but I think my parents would be ok with it they’ll just think I’m crazy (which they already do) and my mum worked with a white witch down in Sydeny, when we used to live there, but im still not telling her that I’m wiccan.

If your grandparents are upsetting you then you should tell them about it and explain how your feeling about their behaviour.

Answer #7

Why say anything?

They’re your beliefs, not theirs.

Answer #8

I just wanted to add that dressing “goth” or any other style has nothing to do with wicca. I not saying you can’t do both I’m just saying they don’t relate.

Answer #9

I’m well aware of that thnak you very much.

Answer #10

unfortuily tyhe fact your underage means your still under the care of others and if they want you to go to chruch then their isnt much you can do about it. from what im understanding talking wont help. Wiccans belivie that when something is hidden it is more “powerful” than if its reviled. for example if you wear a pentacal for protection then its more effective if you wear it on the inside of your shirt than on the outside.
If you are intrested in Theology then use the church to learn as much as you can to discuss it with others. Blessed be

Answer #11

Wiccan is a religion - or at any rate, it’s soo not a hobby to those that are Wiccan. I gather you’re Christian, fogel?

And yeah, you’ll know when you think it’s right to tell them - so tell them then, and don’t get all panicky or take a long time to tell themn, just come out with it, if they yell at you (etc), wait for them to calm down then tell them your reasons and attempt to get them to understand.

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