Is it ok to use face wash when you don't have any pimples?

Answer #1

yees perfectly finne :)

Answer #2

Yes it shud b safe

Answer #3

It’s never to early to start a good skin care regime. Make sure you wash your face everyday (to remove make up and any dirt/grime that can be deposited on your face from the enviroment or touching your face with your hands). If you start early taking care of your skin, you will definitely not regret it when you get older. Find a product that is gentle enough to use daily and is neither too oily or drying.

Answer #4

No!…It is illegal to use face wash unless you DO have pimples….a minimum 3 years prison time with 2 years probation.

Answer #5

Of course then you’ll have a much better chance of keeping that great skin in the long run.

Answer #6

Yes, but you should use a milder one when you dont need to clear up pimples, as acne fash washes can be harsh on the skin. You may also want to use a light oil-free moisteriser afterward

Answer #7

Yes =) Dove is a great one. Doesn’t dry out your skin, keeps it smooth, and clean/acne free. Voila!

Answer #8

i never break out, but when i use facewash it makes me break out…if you dont jave zits i would stopusing it.

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