nuetrogena ance face wash...use..?

do any of you guyz ue the neuttrogena oil freen acne wash…I just got it through a freebee of teen vouge and I wanted to know for the people that use it do you put on lotion after or does it keep your face pretty I guess…”un dry” so its fresh and moisterized?

Answer #1

it dries out my skin, use face cream after washing your face. :) if you don’t like it try acnefree.

Answer #2

if it’s really hot outside, or where ever you are, just go without lotion, because then you’ll sweat, and you’re face will get oily and dirty and that only causes more acne.

but if you do decide to put on lotion only use a little, just to keep your face smooth.

and if you feel any irritation, just wash you face about three times a day with soap and water, and don’t use nuetrogena anymore!

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