What is the best anti-acne face wash that will clear my face?

I have acne and I have marks from the acne and I try washing my face but no luck. I’ve used neutrogena, clean and clear, and clearisil. I have lost hope and please help me.So what is the best anti-acne face wash that will clear my face?

Answer #1

Well removing too much nature oils from your face can cause more pimple to appear. I heard hydrogen peroxide works well ( cons are that it stinks!) it’s cheap so it doesn’t hurt to try. You can get it at walgreens or cvs I believe.

Answer #2

murad is amazing, dont use proactiv…it can make some peoples skin worse

Answer #3

I know how you feel lol. Okay well you can use St. Ives facial scrub which really does help. I also use Zineryt which helps also, exept its not a facial wash, its a medicine… ummm you can try taking vitamin C /B12 tablets… they might help… Good luck :)

Answer #4

BioOil is good to reduce acne scars on your face http://www.bio-oil.com/uses.html

The best cleaner I have found is Clear Pore (cleanser/Mask) by Neutrogena. I’ve never had such clear skin before I used this! You can either do a quick clean and rinse or leave it on for 5 minutes as a deep cleaning mask… get’s all tingly and it works! http://shop.neutrogena.com/product/shop+by+solution/acne%2C+blemishes+-+breakouts/clear+pore+cleanser-mask.do?sortby=bestSellers

Clear Pore can be a bit over drying but I found that using bio oil at night gives you some good moisture and balances it out.

Hope this helps! xox Sika

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