tea-tree oil to clear my face, how do I use it?

I just bought a bottle of pure tea tree oil because a friend recommended it to me to clear my acne

how do I use it though?

Answer #1

Tea tree oil shouldn’t irritate your skin, so you should be fine using your usual facewash.

Answer #2

first off its not really going to completey get rid of your acnea or stop it from comming but it can help get rid of acne you alreday have and make them go away faster to use it you get a cottom swab dip it in and press it on the pimple be sure not to cover your whole face in it though because tea tree oil burns

Answer #3

can I still wash my face with my facewash or will that and tea tree oil together irritate my skin?

Answer #4

Use a cotton ball and dab it in the tea-tree oil and rub it on your face everynight before you go to bed… But! BE sure to wash your face before you put it on. And give it about 3 weeks.

Answer #5

Get a cotton swab, apply some oil to it and just dab it on the spots.

Answer #6

ahh ok thanks guys :)

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