How can I get my face pimple free?

Hello, Ok heres the problem I have pimplies on my face and I wash my face every day it just seems that the pimples never go away what can I do ?

Answer #1

Go to the dermatologist and ask for benzaclin. Its a topical cream and it got rid of my acne pretty fast. I swear by it.

Answer #2

I use Proactiv noxzema st.ives apricot scrub biore nose strips and biore sunsceen

Answer #3

benzaclin is good, along with anything that has salycilic, retin-A or Differin…those help people a lot…just visit a dermatologist for that stuff.. they know whats better for your skin type. dont scrub your face too hard.

Answer #4

First of all it’s good that you wash your face, however what soap do you use? You skin my be sensitive and you are using the wrong product. And try Rubbing Alcohol on your face.

Answer #5

washing my face wtih only water helped me dramatically!!! I thought it would be stupid to just use water, but it worked for me. I also just started using Proactiv and it is working vert well, but my face is wanting to dry out though, but definately try just water and I’m certain you should see a difference.

Good Luck! :)

Answer #6

Well you can use: NOXZEMA SEA BREEZE CLEAN & CLEAR and you can get all of those products at walmart and they keep my face pretty clean but you have to everday in the morning and at night before you go to bed!!!

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